Who is Matthew Dear anyway?

17/03/2011 @ The Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath.

The DJ set that started of the night was something good to have a little dance or jig along to whilst awaiting the live band performance of Matthew Dear. The first time I’ve been to a gig on my own like this, so wasn’t really sure where to place myself other than my infamous choice of right at the front right by the speakers on the left hand side. Good choice for listening to this band play although obscuring my vision of the trumpet player and the drummer, left me wondering what it would be like to watch and hear Matthew Dear on his own. The band were made up of a trumpet player, bass player and a dude on the drums, they performed tracks that sounded pretty immense through the speaker on the left, my personal favorite being Monkey. With a robot style of vocals and electronic, rock / indie with a little trumpet sound coming together to fill the small room with chilled out noises. What I like about Matthew Dear is that the whole performance was about fifty seven times better than I was ever expecting, and the music that the band makes is not what anyone would expect when you say ‘have you heard of that Matthew Dear?’.  Although they only lasted a little while on stage, the encore was the kind of sound that I will remember forever Slowdance, literally slow dancing to this track, everyone likes a catchy lyric or two.

(I think next time I go to a gig on my own I will drink a little less beer).



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