Tuned In to Tuned On


Location Location Location – Is location of importance to make it big or just have a sustainable career in the music industry, either as an artist or a music business professional type?

Who could turn down a free seminar on music and the music industry? You don’t get much for nothing these days (along with a complementary punch record sweet), it took place on 9th March 2011 at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham. Organized by Punch Records – a well established record company in Digbeth, Birmingham with a focused debate on the issues of location and success within the music industry.  The panelists were:

Lee Fisher (chair) – Access to Music Manager, Birmingham

RoxXxan – Birmingham born, London based Artist /Rapper

Trilla – Birmingham based Artist / MC

Ray Paul – Founder on 1Xtra / The Playmaker Group Creative Director

Lady Leshurr – Birmingham Based Artist (Rapper / MC / Singer / Songwriter / Dancer /Actress)

The main points made  were:

  • To be successful as an artist in the music industry and get to sign the ‘big deal’ you need to have talent, rather than be based in a specific location (the location that the majority think of being London).
  • There was also mentioned of the DIY approach to getting yourself out there in music. “Don’t wait for something to happen, Do It Yourself”, if you want to perform, organise a gig yourself.
  • The importance of networking was also suggested, both online and offline, It’s not always what you know but who you know, although you have to show the network something interesting: Build up a portfolio of work ready for networking and getting yourself known.
  • Another interesting comment made was that people within local areas should work together for mutual benefit rather than going at it alone.

The next Tuned On Seminar ‘Stream or Sell’ is going to take place on 13th April 2011 at 18.00 -19.00 in The Symphony Hall, with the following panelists: Matt Parsons from Ditto and Dave Adams from SoundCloud and others.





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