Shuttle was worth it

I’ve been a bit thin on the ground with my writing recently, so what better way to get back on the ball than with a good old opinionated piece on John Shuttleworth and other comedy genius’. A few weeks ago I noticed that John Shuttleworth was going to be performing at the THSH in Birmingham, with only three days to decide on whether or not I should go, I gave in just for the laugh. A Man With No More Rolls it was, supposedly a spelling mistake made by Johns friend/manager (no morals) a very apt title for a bundle of doughy one liners. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had only witnessed a rather small performance when he found himself performing at Sidmouth Folk Festival in the summer of twenty ten. Although my fears became real, I seem to be slightly young for some of the comedy values, I was sometimes left a bit out of tune with the majority of laughs, even so, he still is very much a legend. To be able to make a living from very nearly filling out the whole venue, with just one witty man, a Yamaha keyboard and very few extra props; a skill that I desire to have, making money in the music industry. John has the unique creativity and imagination to make a catchy song about anything from cereal to cars, although these songs probably wouldn’t have the desired effect on the untrained ear of the mainstream music lover, thus being quickly dismissed for rubbish listening. It’s the music and comedy hybrids that grab my personal preference in the music industry, FOTC, Tim Vine, Weird Al Malkovich, Tim Minchin, and the others, I think this is the right direction to be heading in for my next venture in the tough world of music.


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