Collaboration X Static

My latest project that I am endeavouring to ‘Project Manage’ as it seems is Collaboration X.

It has stemmed from the great passion to see changes in the way that music is produced, testing the limitations of what can be called ‘music’ and not just a noise. Having always been part of production projects working with a group of other likeminded troupers, I have finally had the chance to put my own ideas into practice as a curator of music. There have been quite a few challenges to overcome so far, like most projects, though I am hopeful that it will become a success with the right amount of time spent on it, so here is what it’s all about;

An online experimental music collaboration, creating new sounds with a group of musicians and producers will never meet throughout the collaboration process. The process involved is experimental in itself, after a few tried and tested ideas, the final idea should be ‘set in stone’. The local musicians will perform and record short samples of different music styles, patterns and sounds ready for local producers to create some unique and experimental pieces of music. The music that has been produced so far has been uploaded onto SoundCloud and Kompoz. The final aim is to sell the music for a music charity, Sound It Out, either through the use on online music stores or on Band Camp using the ‘pay want you want’ feature.

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Collaboration X, spread the word yo!



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