Oh Bother! My Brolly has Broken

Pointless post of the day (this may become a regular trend).

Today in Birmingham it is rather windy and rainy, it could be mistaken for a winters day, or just a wet day.  So on my trip into town earlier, I donned a nice warm winter coat with a hood, it’s a lovely coat. Though it has come to my attention, as illustrated by the following (not very good quality) photographs, that alot of people when shopping for thier winter coats don’t specify that it must have a hood. This argument is very pointless and one sided, but I feel that the hood is one of the most important specifications on my list that should be fulfilled before I make my purchase. The moral here, I think, is that you could save loads more money in this dreadful state of economic crisis by simply choosing a coat with a hood, and it would also mean that you can carry more important things, rather than faffing about with ya brolly in the rain.

Brolly Bin

Not made it to the Brolly Bin Brolly

Banana Brolly


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