Mount Kimbie to climb

Mount Kimbie

My first music review, and I don’t think I could big any artist up quite as much as this duo that I am about to attempt to recreate through words alone.

On the 06/10/10 The Hare and Hounds saw the last ever performance of the much loved Birmingham band Scarlot Harlots, who bought along some very young fans to bid them farewell. They were good for what they were I suppose, not really my cup of tea at this moment in time.

Really all I wanted to hear was the sound of the extravagant and elegant act Mount Kimbie, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos.

I’m telling you, you had to be there to understand how it felt.

How it felt to have such a sensational sound traveling right through the stomach and up into the heart and retreating slowly out of your wide opened stunned and amazed mouth. The bass was so intense although could be confused with that of a relaxing or soothing sound that I for one have never experienced (in a sober light anyway) before. Even if my ears were to have been blocked and I couldn’t here a thing, I believe I could have enjoyed that night just as much through the vibrations of the speakers alone. The sight that I could see was, in not many words, what I would consider art, music as an art form some may say. The duo had looks of severe concentration on their minds, added with the ease of artistic flow that came straight out into the sea of the audience with wide open minds.

Sounds of far distant echoes produced with only the darkness of a Tunnelvision, added riffs of a guitar, and the tapping of a drum, bought experimental, in my eyes,  to the next level.  I must admit I do appreciate experimental music far more greatly than I do a generic rock band, my expectations of the quality of sounds that form music have been much more than met by the music of Mount Kimbie.

I would hope that the opportunity will arise in no time at all to re kindell this musical fire that is left in me. Until my next worthy post, goodbye.


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