The idea for this has come about after thinking of problems that I or other people in the music industry come across in everyday life. I’m not in a band and I don’t even play an instrument well, but I know that there are many problems with gigs in the digital age, and gigs and merchandising being the biggest way of making money these days I wanted to try and solve some of the problems that surround the gigging industry. So here it goes,

Problem for the band / artist / venues:

Small local bands struggle to build up a fan base in areas such as Birmingham other than their local area and don’t manage to pull off a the thriving gig and performance that they hoped for.

Problems for the Fan:

• Wanting to go to a gig but can’t get to it.

• Wanting to go to a gig but no one to go with.

• Wanting to go to a gig but there are no tickets left.

If people won’t go to gigs, take the gigs to the people.

Builds Fan Communities / Free Downloads i.e Music, Good quality videos of gigs, Photos / Ticket Counter

A Mobile Application with Augmented Reality

The concept of Track Taster is to utilize the new augmented reality technology to create an application that allows the user to walk past gig venues and they will be able to get a taste of the bands that have performed there. It could be a taste of the most recent band, or a taste of a particular genre, at the same time the user will be able to download one track from the venue. The user will also be able to check out the up coming gigs at the venue and purchase tickets for gigs. For purchasing tickets there will be a ticket counter, which informs the user of how many tickets are remaining and how many tickets will be on the door.

The Main Website

Not much thought has gone into this idea at the moment however touching on it lightly for now, maybe using the idea of ‘Mashups’ and RSS feeds as the basis for the main website. Although the uniquness to the concept of TrackTaster is in the use of Augmented Reality, there would need to be a similar setup on the website, for this I would consider using Geo Locations to offer the same effect as actually being out side and at a venue location with the Mobile Application.


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