Sony Me

I have had quite a bit of time over the summer to think about forming realistic career aspirations for when I finally finish my degree in 2011, coming to the conclusion that I would actually like to work for Sony Music in the near future. I have been fortunate enough to get involved with Sony already, If I perform well I think it will only be a positive stepping stone in the right direction. Although the work I have been creating has only been produced through emailing to and throw, I am extremely excited at the thought of the prospect of a trip that is due to be organised to go and visit Sony headquarters and meet the decision makers of Sony. I have had dreams and aspirations for many things that I would like to do in my time in the music industry, I can only agree with myself that this has got to be in my wildest dreams, and hopefully lead to me being successful in my chosen pathway in life. You can visit this website  to get a better knowledge of the work that I have and will be doing for Sony Music UK.


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